Wedding Graphics – Finding the Right Artwork For the Ceremony and Reception

With all the expenses that come along with planning and purchasing materials for a wedding, you’ll want to find as many discounted and free services as possible. But, this doesn’t mean that you want to skimp on the quality of the services you’re paying for. One of the things that you can find free of charge is wedding graphics. If you want artwork or designs to be included on your wedding invitations, programs, and decorations, ordering free wedding graphics is a great way to customize your wedding materials without having to dip into the budget.

When you’re looking for wedding art, have an idea of what it is you want before you begin searching. There are many sites online that provide graphic images for any occasion. Chances are you’ll find just what you want, even if your requests are a little untraditional. So, don’t feel as though you have to use the first free wedding graphics you see simply because you’re not paying for the service. Review at least five or six sites before making a decision-you’re bound to find something you like. You can create accounts on sites like if you want to have access to pictures that you can use for your wedding favors or online invitations.

After you have a few sites from which to choose, you can start being more specific and selective with your choices. If you’re looking for smaller graphic art to accent wedding decorations that you already have, be sure to select images that will still look good even if they’re really small. (For example, deep gold wedding ring images or wedding cakes that have a strong outline.) You may also be able to find borders and shading ideas for the font you’re using for reading materials like programs and place cards, so check to see if you can download these features while you’re searching for images. This will give you the freedom to arrange your wedding invitations just the way you want them. After you’ve found just the right combination of wedding-themed graphics, you may want to use some of the images for a slideshow at the reception.

It may be best for you to download a set of graphics rather than a few selected images. Sometimes, a page of related graphics that are similar in design will appear together; this will give you more to work with, and you’ll have a couple of backup plans on one page in case you change your mind. It also make the project easier if you find that a new design works better with your wedding materials. Once you’re ready to download all the images you want, be sure that you don’t have to pay for a program that will make the images show up on your computer. If you’re ordering from a company you may have to pay to have some sample graphics sent to you, but this is usually inexpensive. Once you have all the pictures you want, you can start putting your collage together. Make sure you can include background music that features your favorite tastes as a couple. You may even want to include wedding-themed songs as you display graphics of wedding bells or rings in between actual photos of you and your future spouse. Songs like “I Do” (E. Walter Smith) and “We Married” (for the more upbeat part of your slideshow) are sure to bring an element of classiness and originality to your online invitations/announcements, or your electronic photo album.

Finally, don’t just at graphics that are marked “wedding.” You can find a number of beautiful designs that will work well with your wedding decorations in sections with other themes, like nature pictures, or even more contemporary art graphics. Find pictures that will reflect the warm memories and personal feelings of your day–just like the ceremony, these images will stay with you forever, so choose them in a way that only you and your future spouse can. Enjoy!

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Save Money – Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

The Wedding Invitation is the first impression your guests receive about your wedding. The style of your invitation conveys the message of just how formal your affair will be.

If you’ve priced wedding invitations lately, you’ve found they can be a huge drain on the budget. You can end up spending hundreds of dollars on invitations, RSVP cards, save the date cards, envelopes and postage – for just an average sized guest list!

And while looking through all those catalogs, did you notice that eventually all the invitations looked the same? With the same fonts and the same phrases? Even the same picture of a bouquet of roses or the wedding rings.

To save money and have a unique style that’s all your own, consider making your own wedding invitations. For a fraction of the cost of store bought invites you can turn out invitations that speak specifically to YOUR guests about YOUR wedding!

Use Your Computer

A quick trip to your nearby office supply store will reveal a variety of papers suitable for creating your own invitations. These papers are designed to be used with your printer, so you won’t have to worry about destroying any of your hardware. A lot of these papers also come with a template to help you design the layout of your invitation. Do you want 2 to a page? Do you want one fold or two? Check the back of the package for details and to make sure your computer has the necessary program, if any.

A quick Google search will turn up loads of free fonts that you can download to use in your design. Type in “Free Fonts” or get more specific and try “Free Wedding Fonts”. Most sites that offer free font downloads will also tell you how to use them.

If you’d like to have a picture on your invitation, do another search for “Free Wedding Clipart”. A lot of wedding sites offer this as a freebie to attract to in. Or take a look at some of your recent home pictures. Maybe you’d like to have a picture of you and your fiance on the front of the invitation. Your computer probably already has an image program that will work fine for this application. You won’t need to download or buy one of those fancier programs.

Get Crafty With It!

Not confident enough about your computer skills? Take a trip to your local craft store and check out all the scrapbooking supplies! There is an amazing selection of wedding materials. Instead of using all those cute little doodads and beautiful papers to make a scrapbook, create your own unique invitations. The possibilities are endless!

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Can You Save Money With Do It Yourself Wedding Invites?

You have seen so many of those wedding announcement kits. They get rather expensive when you decide how many you need. Then you have to figure out how to print on them. They have everything done in Word and you don’t have Microsoft Word, it cost over $100 and that doesn’t include a printer. What to do.

If you have Microsoft Works on your computer you have all the software you need for nice do it yourself wedding invites. Yes, you can set up print and even address your envelopes with this software. Almost everyone has Microsoft Works. It comes with most new PCs. If you don’t have it, you can get it cheaper than Word.

Ok, now we have the software problem solved. What about the paper. You need cards, if you go to a craft store you can get plain cards and envelopes. These will be cheaper than those wedding annoucement kits. Get two sizes one for your invitations and a smaller size for your RSVP cards. I have even gone to Walmart’s craft section and bought 50 cards with envelopes for $4.00! Another option is to do print, seal and send wedding invitations. You can get 8 1/2 x 14 inch card stock. Get it cut to 6 x 14″ You can print on this and save lots of money. It doesn’t require an envelope.

Once you have your cardstock print you invitations according to instructions you learn from the program. Use a nice font. You might add some nice wedding clipart. Once you have them printed you can add a ribbon, a border, some punch cutouts or what ever you like. This is where you can use your imagination.

If you want to really save money, do it yourself wedding invites provide a good solution. Most wedding supply stores lead you to believe you need special paper to make your own wedding cards. You don’t. With the proper instructions you can make very nice invites with almost anything you can print on.

The best part of the do it yourself wedding invites is adding your own personal touches. Doing envelope addressing to make the envelope match the announcement will really enhance the look. They will look expensive, because most people don’t know how to beautifully custom address their invitations. Many caligraphers charge at least a dollar an envelope and you can do it for pennies…

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Wedding Invitations – What You Need For Do It Yourself Wedding Invites

Do it yourself wedding invites will save you money. What do you need to make your own wedding invitations.Get the information you need for the wedding announcement wording.

First you need to decide what type of wedding announcements you will make.

If you are going traditional you will need two sizes of cards and envelopes. You can get these from most office supply stores or your local craft store. It can save a lot of money by buying these. You can also customize your invitations this way.You will need two sized because one if for the invitations and the other is for the RSVP card. You can use just blank stock if you want to add a reception card.
Making a single sheet card is less expensive. With this set up you can use standard #10 envelopes and card stock cut to 4 x 9. To make these less expensive you can make the RSVP a postcard at 4 x 6. Again you can opt for a reception card at 3 x 5.
If you choose you can get one of those wedding invitation kits. It is almost getting generic to use those as they don’t seem to have a lot of variety. Making your own gives you more options but these can be a good alternative if you like them.
The other option is a seal and send wedding invitation. With these all you will need is a single sheet of card stock. I would not use anything smaller than 5 1/2 x 12″ and preferably a 6 x 14″ sheet. You can usually get card stock cut at any office supply store that has printing options. This would be Office Depot, Office Max, Staples and the like.

Now that you have made a decision on which one you want you need to get your guest list together. This will give you an accurate count as to how many do it yourself wedding invites you will need. You always want to have extra. The nice part is you can print what you need and if you need more you can print those as you need them. By having extra you can be prepared for those guests you forgot about.

With card stock envelopes and a list you are ready to start. A good word processing program will work great. I use Microsoft Works. This comes with almost all new PCs. You can make the invitations and address your envelopes all in this program. It is a nice option.

You will want some nice wedding clipart and make sure you have a nice font to use. Once you have all of these. Learn the software and test some samples. Find what you like and print them out. It really is fun to make your own wedding invitations.

The best part is after you learn the do it yourself wedding invites, you can do other stuff too. Make a complete set of wedding cards, wedding RSVP cards, return envelopes and reception cards. After you have just what you want. Proof it and let someone else proof it again. When you have what you want print several of each one and then go to the next item and print those.

I hope this gives you an idea of how easy it is to make your own wedding invitations. Go For It..

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